Kanchi’s Diwali Tale/il

A very Happy Diwali to each and everyone. (Since I am not President Obama, that’s all I am going to say).  However, I am so very happy about the fact that my state, SIKKIM celebrated  a quiet Diwali this year.


Thank you Eclectic North-East


And thank you Business Standard as well

I know Diwali is all about bright lights and the dazzling night skies but let’s get realistic here. The pollution level at Diwali sky rockets higher than all those crackers combined and that’s something to worry about; But then again, I am not here to lecture on those lines. I am just extremely happy because I don’t like people bursting loud crackers for one reason alone and the reason is ….”ANIMALS”

You are allowed to completely NOT empathise with the dog/animal lovers here and go on counter arguing about how Diwali is about lights and crackers and blah blah blah….

For those who’re still reading this, I’ll share my Diwali story with you and this Diwali, it’s all about the stray pup, Kanchi.

(NOTE: Kanchi is a Nepali word which, when translated refers to the youngest female member in the family).

So, the story started a couple of weeks before Diwali. I went to visit a relative who owns a car accessories/wash/all in all kind of Car place called PitStop. He also has a restaurant so I went there with the idea of stuffing my face with axone, pork, bamboo shoot, beef and all tribal things possible! I always fall into situations/predicaments that are totally unforeseen and that’s exactly what happened.

A heart melting image in the form of a playful fawn coloured stray pup caught my attention. I could see the workers there had adopted her and she was a restless, energetic, cutest little thing around. That was how I met Kanchi.


Say “Hi” to Kanchi

I am in no state to adopt any more animals! My house is a mini zoo right now but I am willing to and will continue to work towards providing any and every possible help to the ones in need.

So Diwali came and the houses and the spirit of the Sikkimese people shone the brightest because 95% of the people did NOT burst crackers. Those of you who did (those loud annoying ones)…I WILL FIND YOU AND KILL YOU; And I was super overwhelmed when I saw most stray dogs had a red jacket around them with the words, “Yeh Diwali, insaano wali.” You wonderful, amazing, awesome people…whoever you are, who took this initiative to protect and shelter the dogs from the cold and spread a message during Diwali, I WILL FIND YOU AND THANK YOU.

So yeah, coming back to Kanchi, I knew she already had a home at PitStop where she was being fed and looked after but I also knew they weren’t going to be able to vaccinate her and take her to the vetregularly. So, this morning, instead of heading to work first, I headed to PitStop, picked up Kanchi and took her to the vet.


I think she likes me


We chilled in the car and I think she liked the images passing by

Since I didn’t know how old she was, I assumed she’s about 3-4 months. The doctors and people at the State Veterinary  Clinic were helpful and they helped me with her vaccination, deworming and registration.


The people here helped me and Kanchi 


Registration: DONE!




Deworming and Calcium dose has been advised for Kanchi


Her anti-rabies shot is on the 17th!


After we were done, I had to drop her back to PitStop


I caught her checking herself out in the side view mirror


Clearly not a day to wear white…but then, totally worth it! Yes, I went to work wearing this!

So, I handed Kanchi back to her people at PitStop because I know she has a home there. However, PitStop is just a minute’s walk from my office  so I am going to be checking on her regularly and the truth is, I can do so much more for Kanchi and others like her. What I did today is only the beginning.

Once again, a very happy Diwali to everyone and thank you for making it a silent one. Those who took the effort towards catering and caring for the animals during this festival of lights, your spirits shine brighter than all the fire crackers combined! YOU are the real PATAKA!!!!!!