BIBLIOTHÈQUE: For the love of Books & Food

Kunzang Chuki Denzongpa, Pamu to her friends and family opened Bibliothèque on 1st June 2017. The cafe is located at Tharo Line, the famous staircase that leads down to Lal Bazar from M.G Marg. The second floor of the building is set up with bookshelves, seating tables and chairs, colourful and interesting decoration pieces from Harry Potter to the Game of Thrones. The corner by the window is my favourite spot to sit. It provides an aerial view of the Lal Bazar side of town and on a clear day, the neighbouring hills present a perfect backdrop.


My fav spot at the cafe


The view from my fav spot

I started my meal with “Breakfast in a Pot.” Bacon, bread, eggs, spinach, herbs in a ramekin. I also asked for a non-veg Thai roll/wrap. Meat, vegetables, herbs over that thin rice paper is beyond perfect! It even makes that perfect sound when you chew on it!


Breakfast in a pot with non-veg Thai roll

I was fortunate to reach just as Pamu had taken out her freshly baked quiche. Meat and cheese melting in my mouth was just what I needed on a Sunday morning.


It’s a happy place with happy people and happy kids!

Pamu says she loves cooking and she loves reading. In a society driven with secure government jobs, you have someone like Pamu, deviating from the normal.

“So you’re going to let people just take the books?” I ask, fiddling around in her kitchen. “The idea is to let them borrow it because I want to encourage reading,” she replies, nonchalantly.


Serna making sure the books at the cafe are stamped!!!!



Iced-tea, food and me


This is what a perfect setting looks like!


What would you like to eat today?


Belgian waffles with seasonal fruits and ice cream


Grilled chicken in cream of mushroom with couscous


Ramen with assorted meat and prawns

So if you’re strolling around town and want a place with good food, good books and an ambience that is creatively comfortable, then you have to make your way Bibliothèque.


Forced Tshultrim Norbu Wangdi to take an abstract pic of me and after much grumbling, we got this. 

Kanchi’s Diwali Tale/il

A very Happy Diwali to each and everyone. (Since I am not President Obama, that’s all I am going to say).  However, I am so very happy about the fact that my state, SIKKIM celebrated  a quiet Diwali this year.


Thank you Eclectic North-East


And thank you Business Standard as well

I know Diwali is all about bright lights and the dazzling night skies but let’s get realistic here. The pollution level at Diwali sky rockets higher than all those crackers combined and that’s something to worry about; But then again, I am not here to lecture on those lines. I am just extremely happy because I don’t like people bursting loud crackers for one reason alone and the reason is ….”ANIMALS”

You are allowed to completely NOT empathise with the dog/animal lovers here and go on counter arguing about how Diwali is about lights and crackers and blah blah blah….

For those who’re still reading this, I’ll share my Diwali story with you and this Diwali, it’s all about the stray pup, Kanchi.

(NOTE: Kanchi is a Nepali word which, when translated refers to the youngest female member in the family).

So, the story started a couple of weeks before Diwali. I went to visit a relative who owns a car accessories/wash/all in all kind of Car place called PitStop. He also has a restaurant so I went there with the idea of stuffing my face with axone, pork, bamboo shoot, beef and all tribal things possible! I always fall into situations/predicaments that are totally unforeseen and that’s exactly what happened.

A heart melting image in the form of a playful fawn coloured stray pup caught my attention. I could see the workers there had adopted her and she was a restless, energetic, cutest little thing around. That was how I met Kanchi.


Say “Hi” to Kanchi

I am in no state to adopt any more animals! My house is a mini zoo right now but I am willing to and will continue to work towards providing any and every possible help to the ones in need.

So Diwali came and the houses and the spirit of the Sikkimese people shone the brightest because 95% of the people did NOT burst crackers. Those of you who did (those loud annoying ones)…I WILL FIND YOU AND KILL YOU; And I was super overwhelmed when I saw most stray dogs had a red jacket around them with the words, “Yeh Diwali, insaano wali.” You wonderful, amazing, awesome people…whoever you are, who took this initiative to protect and shelter the dogs from the cold and spread a message during Diwali, I WILL FIND YOU AND THANK YOU.

So yeah, coming back to Kanchi, I knew she already had a home at PitStop where she was being fed and looked after but I also knew they weren’t going to be able to vaccinate her and take her to the vetregularly. So, this morning, instead of heading to work first, I headed to PitStop, picked up Kanchi and took her to the vet.


I think she likes me


We chilled in the car and I think she liked the images passing by

Since I didn’t know how old she was, I assumed she’s about 3-4 months. The doctors and people at the State Veterinary  Clinic were helpful and they helped me with her vaccination, deworming and registration.


The people here helped me and Kanchi 


Registration: DONE!




Deworming and Calcium dose has been advised for Kanchi


Her anti-rabies shot is on the 17th!


After we were done, I had to drop her back to PitStop


I caught her checking herself out in the side view mirror


Clearly not a day to wear white…but then, totally worth it! Yes, I went to work wearing this!

So, I handed Kanchi back to her people at PitStop because I know she has a home there. However, PitStop is just a minute’s walk from my office  so I am going to be checking on her regularly and the truth is, I can do so much more for Kanchi and others like her. What I did today is only the beginning.

Once again, a very happy Diwali to everyone and thank you for making it a silent one. Those who took the effort towards catering and caring for the animals during this festival of lights, your spirits shine brighter than all the fire crackers combined! YOU are the real PATAKA!!!!!!


Existential Experiments: The Salinger Girl

To begin with, we must trace back to the years when I wanted to become a scientist only so that I could do experiments in the lab. That seemed like a fun thing to do back when iPhones, iPads and fancy gadgets did not exist. All you must know is that while growing up, I went through a phase where I wanted to experiment with a lot of things. First, the chemicals and fancy acids; But then in middle school the truth dawned on me, that I was not cut out for science. Giving up on that was easy because by then I’d figured I loved Literature more and that, experiments could go beyond the boundaries of science.

So, thirty years of existence and here I am, submerged in fiction, brain-washed with existentialism and disappointed with reality. This is all fun and games when you have a crew who’ll help you sail in whichever direction you choose and become a part of your pretty much pointless but ardent art project.


The Catcher in the Rye by J.D Salinger (Pic source: Google)

For those of you who haven’t read the book, it’s a story about a 15 year old boy called Holden Caulfield who has been expelled from a boarding school and is on his way home around Christmas in New York circa 1940’s. Holden decides to spend some time in the city, doing things that no other 15 year olds would do (or even think of doing.) Holden is not your ordinary 15 year old. Holden is exhausted with the vanity of the world; the phoniness of his school friends and Holden is enveloped in an existential state of ennui.

Trivia: Marc Chapman, the man who shot John Lennon was obsessed with the character of Holden Caulfield. After he killed Lennon, he remained in the crime scene reading Salinger’s “The Catcher in the Rye” until the police arrived.

The Experiment: Transforming Holden to a girl sans amplifying feminism but also completely doing away with the male characteristics of the protagonist. Now this was a balance that was really gruelling, both mentally and physically. But luckily, I got my crew and some really awesome people who helped me transport the images in my head into frames that will now tell a story.


The model and the photographer (literally) rolling in the deep!

The Salinger Girl: Rohini Rai. My darling niece who has always been eager and anxious to be a part of all my projects and who plays every role with such perfection. She’s the model, the sister, the niece, the friend, the make up artist, the costume designer. She’s all in one and she’s my perfect Holden Caulfield.


My Salinger Girl: Rohini Rai

The Photographer: Tshultrim Norbu Wangdi aka TNW aka my homeboy! This one spent the last two years doing some fancy photography course and even more fancy commercial photoshoots in and around Pune. So he came home after two years and fell right into my project trap. Some claim I bullied him into it but if you see it the way I do, It all came together on its own. Its destiny!


TNW: The hipster photographer who hates being called a hipster

The Scene: Chapter 14

Holden has met a certain Maurice at the hotel elevator who’s arranged to send a hooker (Sunny) to his room. So the hooker arrives but Holden is in no mood to be sexy and lies that he’s had a clavichord operation recently. The hooker is pissed off because Holden hands her a five dollar bill and asks her to leave. She demands a ten but Holden manages to get her out of the room and after she’s gone, he sits there, remembering, recalling and falling into a state of desolate nostalgia.

NOTE: Allie is Holden’s younger brother who dies of leukaemia when he is 11 and Holden, 13. 


“After old Sunny was gone, I sat in the chair for a while and smoked a couple of cigarettes. It was getting daylight outside. Boy, I felt miserable. I felt so depressed, you can’t imagine. What I did, I started talking, sort of out loud, to Allie. I do that sometimes when I get very depressed.”



“I felt like praying or something, but I couldn’t do it. I can’t always pray when I feel like it. In the first place, I am sort of an atheist. I like Jesus and all, but I don’t care too much for most of the other stuff in the Bible. Take the Disciples, for instance. They annoy the hell out of me, if you want to know the truth. They were all right after Jesus was dead and all, but while He was alive, they were about as much use to Him as a hole in the head. I like almost everybody in the Bible better than the Disciples. If you want to know the truth, the guy I like best in the Bible, next to Jesus, was that lunatic and all, that lived in the tombs and kept cutting himself with stones. I like him ten times as much as the Disciples, that poor bastard.”



“Finally, I sat up in bed and smoked another cigarette. It tasted lousy.”


You can see our PROFESSIONALISM oozing out in every pixel of this photo. Me: The creative head, making some important calls. TNW: The photographer fixing his gaze upon a probable perfect spot/lighting. Rohini: The model, never forgetting to pose and getting us all in the zone!

So yeah, that is what we managed to do one Tuesday afternoon. There will be more girls portraying existential men and I’ll be back then with stories, narration and creepy trivias (may be) or just the fun ones! We’ll see.

A very big THANK YOU to Sneha Rai for letting us use her space at the Sunder Spa and Resort, Majhitar. And of course, thank you to Mrs. and Mr. BookMan of Cafe Fiction for allowing us to sprawl all over your place, discussing this (in my mother’s words) “bichakko project”


And Jigme Seden Bhutia, your absence will not be tolerated for the next shoot. A show cause notice will be sent.


Okay, let’s get straight to the point…What is the perfect Sikkimese Souvenir you’d like to give someone (particularly, a Non-Sikkimese) so that the item becomes an irreplaceable Sikkimese memorabilia? Rich farts who can afford the expensive carpets and thangkas, please go away! I am not talking to you guys.

So, yeah that leaves the rest of us (the urban poor) who have a pretty comfortable and laid back life but have absolutely nothing to gift a friend/ a guest/ someone/ anyone a perfect Sikkimese Souvenir. We’ve spent years and money on Chinese products available at every Gift and curio shops because that’s the only thing available; But guess what? The awesome people at Echo Stream launched their in-house, original product last evening and it’s called SIKKIMIS- Yes, the Perfect Souvenir from Sikkim.


SIKKIMIS: An idea that’s completely out of the box but wrapped perfectly in a box!

Currently, the only products available are Tee-shirts but the cool gang at Echo Stream will be coming up with more products that define/narrate/portray stories of Sikkim.


What is Sikkimis?


Ta Da!!!! These are the Seven Designs available, designed, crafted, created by some of these applause-worthy designers!


Any Red Devils fans here?


Sikkim can be summed up in Two Things: Red Panda & Tongba (Chaang)




This one is my super favourite!!!! Stairs, Stairs and more Stairs, yup…thats Gangtok! Kinda reminds me of this Haruki Murakami fan art I’d seen online…..


I even wore it as soon as I bought it!


Welcome to Our Universe


What’s our Favourite Word? AMBOOOOOO



Okay, stop whining and complaining about the terrible pics already! I didn’t have a chance to take proper ones so had to take it from my phone and as you know all, I kinda suck at photography.

Those looking to pick these up, you can call the number on the photo and ask for your tee according to your size and the colour of your choice. Also, be “giving.” Pick it up for your frannnns who live away from home and thank me for the brilliant idea later! Oh yeah, they’re priced at Rs. 650/-


The folks at Echo Stream


10/10 for the packaging….no?

Up Close & Personal with Alobo Naga & The Band

I work as a Media Consultant for the Tourism & Civil Aviation Department, Government of Sikkim. It’s a satisfying job. Its obvious (and overt) that I fall into the “Creative” category of people! So, it’s more of an oxymoron that I like doing creative things and I work for the Government. Well, you’re allowed to have the “Sala hypocrite!” opinion about me. And I am the most ordinary person you will ever come across. I complain about work….I am so underpaid and all that jazz! But here’s the thing. I sometimes love my job. It gives me opportunities to meet people or do things that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. Like the time I made friends with a Japanese travel agent at the International Tourism Mart. (It’s the small things you know!)

Well, this time, my job gave me one golden opportunity! My department holds the Red Panda Winter Festival annually and while this festival is an occasion to showcase our culture and tradition, we do invite bands and singers from other states and countries. We had a lot of amazing people performing this time, like the Nepali Bryan Adams, Sabin Rai, Vinyl Records (from Arunachal Pradesh), Soulmate (from Shillong), The Axe Band, Dharmendra Sewan, Nima Rumba, The Edge Band( all from Nepal) and the Indian Idol of 2007, Prashant Tamang! I was excited to see everyone perform but one band that I was looking forward to ,was the winner of the Best Indian Act at the 2012 MTV European Awards, ALOBO NAGA AND THE BAND.


 These 4 lads make the band. Pic Source: Alobo Naga and the Band Facebook page. 

After a crazy and crowd screaming show at MG Marg, Gangtok, I met the band backstage. It’s a difficult task trying to appear cool to a bunch of guys who’ve just enthralled you completely! I mean you don’t wanna appear like the creepy fangirl but you do want them to know that you absolutely loved their show! So yeah, I somehow managed to do that (at least I like to believe I did) and then we went out for dinner and drinks with the band and the event management crew. That’s when I thought it would be fun to do this!


Yup, me in yellow in the front row, having my FANGIRL moment!

I first, seriously asked Alobo (the lead vocalist) to tell me 10 Interesting things about himself. He did and I took down the points. Then I asked the rest of the band mates to comment on the statements. By the end of the night, my jaws hurt so bad from all the laughing and the crazy jokes (which shall be censored because public forum and all!) here’s how I got up close and personal with ALOBO NAGA AND THE BAND.

First, the introduction:


Meet the front man: Alobo


The lead guitarist (aka the funny guy in the band), Lima


Step aside Tommy Lee, this is David!


It’s definitely ALL ABOUT THAT BASS….Meet the bassist, Fung.


Lima: Yeah. He wakes up early, only to disturb the rest of us.

Fung: He does wake up early and he also takes 100 power naps during the day!

David: His power nap once almost delayed our show at Kokrajhar, Assam….almost!



Lima: That, he does!

Fung: Really?

David: Yeah. May be?



All: Yup!



Lima: We all do. We had good fun at Goa

Fung: We normally just rest after a gig. We don’t go out for dinners but in Goa, we went out and had a blast! Now we’re breaking the rule for the second time in Gangtok.

David: Goa was awesome!

Alobo: Fung doesn’t know how to swim! He is hydrophobic.



Silence. The guys look at each other, then at Alobo and then at me.

FUNG: We won’t comment. BRO CODE you see!

ALOBO: It’s just really hard to maintain a relationship when we travel around a lot. Who wouldn’t want a stable relationship? But we just cannot afford to do that, yet!

Lima: Except Fung, he has a girlfriend.

David: And she’s talented as well. Music is their nexus.



All: Agreed!



Lima: That’s why Fung and I share rooms. Alobo and David don’t smoke or drink

David: I don’t even use any social media app!

Fung: David is Mr. Low Profile!


It’s true….Alobo doesn’t drink!


Me: Guys, what’s the most ridiculous outfit Abolo’s ever worn?

All (in unison): His outfit at the Swachh Bharath Abhiyan gathering.

Fung: He was among the 9 personalities nominated by the Governor.

Lima: So he decided to wear a traditional Naga shirt on top and a dhoti!

Alobo: At least, it was convenient when I took bathroom breaks!


This was hosted by the President of India for all the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan brand ambassadors. Good luck in finding Alobo in the crowd!


Okay, so I found this pic of Alobo in a dhoti on his instagram profile! I think he looks good, doesn’t he? (You can follow him on instagram @alobonaga


Lima: Yup, Axone!

(This is just so you all know, I was writing it down as Akhuni when Lima goes, “No, its spelt with an X!”)


All: What? That’s a lie!

David: He falls asleep while watching any and every movie.

Lima: Alobo starts watching a movie and then after a while, the movie starts watching him!

Fung: He takes about 3-4 days to complete a movie.

We laughed over a lot of things and when I asked Alobo what did he like about Gangtok or Sikkim in general. He said, “It’s the place! Something about it, you know….It’s clean, the people are friendly and it gives you that longing nostalgia. I mean you wanna come back to this place again!”


Thank you Alobo, David, Lima and Fung. I hope you guys come to Sikkim again and I’ve taken a rain check on you guys hosting ME if and when I make a trip to Nagaland! This is just a sort of public evidence and also because I am sooooo much cooler now that I have new names to list in my “CELEBRITY FRIENDS”


This is their Facebook page. Make sure you hit the “Like” and “Share” button.


Yup! I was on stage while the band performed and the crowd was insane!


Left to right: Fung, (a nice photographer guy), Alobo, Your’s truly, Lima and David. (Sonam Tshering from Kokkivo decided to photobomb us!)


David is missing in the picture but we sure had a fun time hosting the band.


And thank you, Barap Namgyal for the pictures!  






Curiouser & Curiouser: The Curious Case of Bikal Rai. Part II

“Curiouser and Curiouser!” Cried Alice (she was so much surprised, that for the moment she quite forgot how to speak good English). From Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland

It pretty much sums up my  reaction, every time I visit Bikal Rai and he shows me the things he’s created.


Most of you (by now) know who Bikal Rai is. His story’s been covered by individuals active on social media as well as popular north eastern sites like seven and even by The Logical Indian. I did his story some time in July, 2013 and that particular posts got a lot of “hits”. I had people calling and emailing me asking about Bikal Rai. For some time, I thought his life was going to change. Those of you who missed that post can still read it here:

One cold and boring morning, I thought to myself, Enough time has passed by. I need to do a sequel to the Bikal Rai story. Yes, that’s exactly how it happened. If you must know, I was smoking a cigarette and staring into empty space when that thought occurred.

I called up two of my colleagues, Chetan Pradhan, a brilliant photographer and Smitha Thapa, my partner in crime, who is also an amazing writer and one of the coolest, creative people I’ve ever met. So the three of us headed to Bikal’s house at 32 Mile to unravel his new inventions and creations.

Here is the update.

  1. The Arc Welding Robot
Using spare parts from various discarded machines, he has created an Arc Welding Robot which looks like this

Using spare parts from various discarded machines, he has created an Arc Welding Robot which looks like this

Welding is a complicated process. Everybody knows that. Normally a skilled worker is assigned to carry on this hazardous activity where sparks and smokes are generated and can be a potential threat to the operator. People across the globe have come up with the concept of an arc welding robot. The only difference between them and Bikal Rai is that while the former group get access to fund and guidance with latest equipments and a suitable work environment, our hero, the young lad builds his Arc Welding Robot in his tiny village near Gangtok with spare parts and borrowed items.

Bikal’s Arc Welding Robot can rotate or swing 360 degrees with proper arm movement and it operated with the help of a bio directional switch.

2. The BEH2O Excavator:

THE BEH2O Excavator.The B stands for Bikal. The E for Electricity and H20 for you know what!

THE BEH2O Excavator.The B stands for Bikal. The E for Electricity and H20 for you know what!

This Excavator is something that he is really proud of. It moves forward and backwards, has 360 swing with arm movement and what he has done differently this time is that he has built a port in the excavator where you can attach a data cable and charge your mobile phones or connect a pen drive and listen to music. It has a digital display and he has also built a remote which can be used to skip/change songs on the drive. All this….made from/with scraps and discarded items.



3. The Sensor Car

Bikal with his Sensor Car

Bikal with his Sensor Car

This is actually a remote car. One of those toys that runs on batteries and a synchronised remote control. What Bikal has done is removed half of the motherboard and used half of the remote sensor so this little red car now runs front and back when a sound is produced near it. Bikal gave us a demonstration by clapping loudly next to the car. First clap makes the car move forward and a second loud clap makes the car reverse.

4. The I-Glass

Bikal with his I-Glass. The I stands for Illumination.

Bikal with his I-Glass. The I stands for Illumination.

Bikal says with the frequent power cut in his village, it is necessary to have a back up for light other than wax candles. He has his hydro generator as well but then he says its very convenient to have something portable and that, which doesn’t require much labour. Therefore he came up with the concept of the I-Glass. Using lithium iron batteries and LED bulbs that are connected in parallel lines, Bikal made this glass that is useful to not only read in the dark but also to do minor chores around the house. Because the LED bulbs are connected in parallel wires, if one light goes out, the other one still works so you can still read or continue with your chore.

5. The Constant Washing Machine

Made from spare parts, this is Bikal's Constant Washing Machine

Made from spare parts, this is Bikal’s Constant Washing Machine

So he took a bucket and cut it accordingly placing uniformed blocks inside the bucket to create friction in the movement. Then, taking a spare part from a barrel lock, he used it over the cover so that the bucket stays firm. To make sure that the water doesn’t spill over or the clothes don’t fall out, he added the wooden block as a locking arm. You can fill in water with detergent, close the machine and turn on the switch to wash your clothes. There is a clockwise movement in the machine so the water pushes downward and doesn’t spill out. The blocks that create friction in the movement of the clothes prevent it from tearing.

6. The Electric Cycle

Bikal on his E-Cycle

Bikal on his E-Cycle

The Electric Cycle is something like your two wheeler. It has a constant motor and you actually don’t need to pedal. The wheel behind is smaller than the wheel in front because that causes low centre of gravity which makes balancing the cycle easier. There is an LED light which allows you to ride the E-Cycle even at night and it even has a 60 W horn. It works on a battery with a robotic switch so you actually don’t need keys for ignition. There is also a 3.3 W fan that helps in keeping the motor cool so that it doesn’t over heat.

Another look at the E-Cycle

Another look at the E-Cycle


7. The A.W.S

A Model of the Automatic Water Saver

A Model of the Automatic Water Saver

Many of us face this problem. We have large water tanks on our terraces and surroundings that we use as storage for our everyday activities and chores. Many of us leave the pipe connected to the tank and let the water fill it up. Normally, the water overflows and excess water goes to waste. What Bikal has designed is an Automatic Water Saver. You have a separate place to store the excess water so your tank doesn’t overflow, instead it goes into the extra storage and you can always use the stored water later.

Bikal keeps a picture of his late Father in the living room

Bikal keeps a picture of his late Father in the living room

Previously Bikal wasn’t interested in studying further because he said his father was ill and he had to take care of him. Unfortunately, his father passed away so Bikal now lives with his mother, grandmother and younger brother. He says he wants to do a diploma course (Mechatronics) at Advanced Training Technical Centre, Bardang, Sikkim. I am very happy to announce that Bikal will go back to studying again.

Bikal with his mother, Pavitra Rai

Bikal with his mother, Pavitra Rai

Bikal poses with his creations

Bikal poses with his creations

Smitha and I pose with the Boy Genius, Bikal

Smitha and I pose with the Boy Genius, Bikal

That’s the story of Sikkim’s Self Made Engineer, Bikal Rai. Anyone willing to help him in any way can contact him at +91 7076447525






SHIT that Government Employees of Sikkim Say

Hello people of the world. I am back with my list of SHIT that so-and-so says. Again, easy research work. Most of it, like the previous time, I had to do it on myself. If you’re a Sikkimese and you’re done with college and all the fancy degrees, most of us return home for good and apply for government jobs. Of course, there’s a whole lot of people who get into the private business sector now. (Read hotels/tours & travels/resorts) but we, the majority, still have nothing else to do (because surprisingly no job is good enough for us) but look and wait for vacancies and opportunities to strike so that we fulfill our (wanted/unwanted) dream of becoming a Sarkari Naukar. After working for the State Government for two years (on ad hoc basis), this is my observation.

#10: I Hate My Job

The Absolute Truth

The Absolute Truth

You actually don’t hate your job. You hate the fact that you have to work because now that you’re no longer a student, with work comes responsibility. You’re actually answerable to your superiors and you can’t really do whatever the hell you want. You hate the fact that your breezy-drink-all-night-wake-up-at-1pm life is over.

#09: I Did it for my Parents

I fucking hate these "Keep Calm" pics.

I fucking hate these “Keep Calm” pics.

Shut the fuck up already! Yeah, the fact that most of our parents encourage and some times even push us into getting in the government sector can be a total pain in the ass. We love them and we are absolutely not like that guy….whats-his-name??? The brother of the Prodigal Son from the Bible who stayed with his old parents and did everything according to their wishes while the Prodigal Son went on a boozing/gambling/getting laid scheme. That guy also pretty much loses it actually when the asshole brother returns home broke and beggar-ish and the father throws a big banquet for him. Okay anyway, what was I saying? Yeah, we’re not the good kids okay! Say it out loud and clear. It’s not like we did this for our parents. We did it for ourselves!

#08: My office people have no work. They just sit there and bitch about others

If only everyone received this poster as an attachment with the office joining order

If only everyone received this poster as an attachment with the office joining order

It’s not like there is intense work in the office 365 days a year. Some days are just sooooo unproductive. One of the common ways to kill time at work on such days is talk, talk about how so and so’s boyfriend is actually a dick; talk about how so and so’s girlfriend is a gold digger. We don’t really realise but all of us bitch (not just girls. Even men!) and we sit there and complain about how judgemental everyone else is! Seriously, let’s download this poster and stick it at our work desk so that it becomes a constant reminder. Not a bad idea eh?

#07: Sala! That one didn’t even have to sit for any exam or viva. Back door entry ho ni. Mi-la-ko

Minister's candidate…that's how he/she got the job

Minister’s candidate…that’s how he/she got the job

Lobbying exists in all kinds of offices and systems I suppose but in Sikkim, it’s a whole new level. Most people are in the position that they are today because they had someone to talk for them. You know, the kind of pushing and shoving that’s required. It’s not fair but we aren’t really in a position to complain, are we? In our compact and almost opaque society, the decent thing you can do is, sit for an examination. Oh…before that, dear departments, it would be totally awesome if you could advertise the posts available for everything and not take advantage of the “Special Provision” scheme. You know what is the most annoying thing about people involved in this lobbying plots? The entire town knows how that person got the job, yet they act like they’ve earned it in all fairness. Some even go to the extent of displacing and projecting the attention on someone else by spreading false rumours like “You know he/she had the question paper to the exams” OR “Oh, His/her father/mother is close to the CM/Minister and that’s how he/she landed this job.” Getting real tired of your shit, you acute spastic hypocrites.

#06: The Salary’s too Less!

When you have the time, try and figure out where the problem lies

When you have the time, try and figure out where the problem lies

I need to mention here that I am not talking about gazetted officers and those who make enough for a small town. I don’t know where the system went wrong but we do have people with Master’s Degree working as peons and in lower ranks. Try as much as you want to act moral and shit but when you rank low in the heirarchy of work in spite of holding numerous degrees, it fucking pinches you! Anyway, so we like shopping, eating out and living a comfortable life and yet when the amount of money that we receive on salary day is handed to us, it comes with a limited span of two, or at the most three days! When you complain, you usually get a smart ass who replies “Dus hazaar lay ar ka lay ghar cha lay cha. Timi haru lie tay-ti pani pu gay na?”

#05: Shit! No more of CLs left

Might have to use this one soon!

Might have to use this one soon!

So we take sick leaves or CLs (Casual Leaves) when we really can’t go to work or have some errand to run. However, we tend to use the leaves allotted to us waaaaaaay before the year ends so what do we do? We make excuses when we actually and urgently need to do something else. Brace yourselves, you’re going to hear us complaining like this until December.

#04: Fuck it! I am not doing this



Another thing that happens every now and then is when you are given some kind of task that you absolutely don’t want to do! Some times It’s working over time; Other times It’s about you having to work with people that you totally detest and wouldn’t even give them water if they were dying, instead you would stuff their mouth with mud and chilli powder! There could be many reasons. In some cases, it could be a really twisted political lobbying and betrayal and every time something like that happens, you’d like to pull the Jerry McGuire shit, pack your stuff and leave! But then, you are not Tom Cruise and life is not a movie so you curse the whole world but then when the anger calms down, you actually do the work assigned!



#03: You think working in an office is a piece of cake?
Okay,this is another line you’ll hear often from a state government employee. Apparently, we have a list of first world problems in this third world country. For example, this meme explains some of the pain that we have to go through.

Fuck the bio metric system! Fuck the AC!

Fuck the bio metric system! Fuck the AC!

#02: I am going to the CM. Beshi bhayo abo. Jan chu CM bhet nu
I couldn’t find a picture or a meme that’s appropriate for this one. However, everybody in this town is somehow close to the Chief Minister or an equivalent higher authority and when things don’t go the way you want or when you feel like you are being exploited at some level, that is the standard line you will hear any government employee say!

#01: Bhai-hal cha
The moment you land a government job, know with all your heart that a lot of things in life is going to get easy for you. Yes, it’s a fact, It will happen and when that happens and when you begin to realise the perks of a government job, you’ll have these two words to say, “Bhai-hal cha”

Like a Boss or Scumbag Steve, you decide!

Like a Boss or Scumbag Steve, you decide!

NOTE***: All images found and copied/borrowed from Google except for the Bhai-Hal cha meme.

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