Those FIVE days

In thirty years, I have had several unforgettable, memorable and adventurous days and incidents. For some uncomprehending reason(s), I seem to fall into predicaments that are usually considered aberrant and unusual. It usually isn’t so bad but it’s definitely unforgettable. So this is what happened between 12th-16th January 2017!

My non-biological Bodo sibling, Angelo Daimari was tying the knot with one of my most awesome girlfriend, Christina Dzuvichu on the 14th of January 2017 at Dimapur, Nagaland. These two are more than just friends to me. They are my family. I was one of the four bridesmaid. I had never played that role before and was super stoked about the whole experience.


Hopped on the flight to Guwahati from Bagdogra


Took a train from Guwahati to Dimapur (because for some god-knows-what reason…there is no flight to Dimapur from Ghy!!!)


Photo detail on my phone says this pic was taken at 1:50am! We reached Dimapur around 2 something am where two of our kind friends had come to pick us up at that ungodly hour!


After three states in 24 hours and 4 hours of sleep, I headed to the bride’s house at the famous Signal Angami Village


I was in tears when I saw this beautiful bride getting dolled up….Just kidding! Of late, I have turned stone cold and have lost the ability to feel emotional! However, I was a bit overwhelmed, I will admit that.


The bridesmaids & the groomsmen. (Right to Left):Ruth (why you cover your face?) , Tia, Ameto, Vivi, Shreya, YC and moi!

BTW, all our beautiful dresses and even the bouquet was hand-made by the bride, Christina’s mother! (If I had 0.5% of such talent, I would invent strategies and dwell on thoughts of world domination!)


Jello, moi and Christina after the ceremony at the Holy Cross Church, Dimapur


At night, we had a small gathering at Christina’s place with good people, good food and that!!!!


The bride and groom with Sikkim party!


Formed DEADLY Sikkim-Naga bond with Wati over several jägerbombs at The Bully, which was a pretty cool place to hang at!

FUN TRIVIA: You know you’ve had a mad night when you check your snap story the following morning and realise you used Strawberry filter faces but called it watermelon!!!!! Not to forget, the amount of spelling errors and typos!


The following warm winter morning, I woke up to make friends with this cutie (my friend’s niece), Jenty and the little guy on her lap, Milo. 


I also received this beautiful Ao stole from YC’s mom, which I absolutely love and need right now because I have a sore throat and it’s perfect for the Gangtok winter!


In the evening, we dropped in at Tia’s place for a short while where Deeki, Shreya and Solomon (not in pic) composed a party song which I shit you not….will break all single sales record ever! The choreography is groundbreakingly brilliant. For several reasons, I cannot post it here but how I wish you guys could see that awesome stuff!


I know I haven’t done much in life but I know one thing for sure…I’ve made the right friends…friends that will stay forever!

That same night, we had a train back to NJP at 2 something am. Yes, we dragged our suitcase from one platform to the other in Dimapur, with clouded vision and unstable gait!


At NJP, we reserved this car to take us home.

So there were two young guys who said they would take us. We were a little apprehensive about the two. Right from the way they spoke to the kind of clothes they were wearing and their attitude. However, we were tired, hungover, hungry and wanted to be non-judgemental. So we got in.

Ten minutes inside the car and I felt like as if the driver was tripping over the idea of auditioning for the fast and furious movies! He drove recklessly and at such speed, over taking cars and trucks at highways that an agnostic person like me actually turned to God and started praying!

We requested him to drive slow repeatedly but he just wouldn’t listen to us and we were afraid that might infuriate him even more. That would put us in even greater danger than we already were in! They stopped at 29th mile saying they were going to have lunch. We told them we’d eat at Melli so while we waited in the car the duo got lost for about 30-45 mins.

The minute they got back, we knew for sure they were trouble. Their eyes were bloodshot and their speech slurred. In whispers, we decided that we’d stop at Rangpo check-post and ask the cops to help us shift to another vehicle without these two creating much fuss!

However, by the time we reached Teesta, another realisation hit us! We were not going to make it till Rangpo. The crazy over-taking was one thing but the driver actually popped a pill into his mouth and we almost collided into the vehicle in front of us. He had his elbows steering the wheel! I swear I am not making this shit up!

Again, in whispers and in P language, using our Chacha Chaudary brains, we decided we’d make a de-tour at Melli and head to the check post there. Being the story teller, I invented a story about how I was supposed to pick up something that a certain uncle had dropped at the Melli check-post. So I asked the driver to take me to the check-post. He was reluctant but I managed to convince him. He said he wouldn’t go right up and would stop at the bridge. I agreed.


So Chenyang and I walked in while Deeki narrated more fake tales about uncle and the package and stayed with the two in the car. We told the cops what had happened so they came with us to the vehicle. They asked both the boys to step out and they checked the vehicle first.


8 SP capsules were found in his pocket. Some more underneath the car seat and more in the dashboard! 


The driver (in black leather jacket) and his accomplice.


All of us went to the thana at Melli and gave our statement about the entire thing. The cops were helpful and I know most of you believe that cops misuse their power over language. Trust me, the cops at Melli dealt with the situation very formally, without passing any unnecessary comments!


So, the two were locked in; We had a good meal at a nice hotel in Melli bazar while the cops helped us get another car to take us home. 

But then again, as luck would have it, the minute we got into the vehicle, the driver got a call from his wife who in a panic stricken voice informed him that their child had suddenly fallen in. He said he had to rush back home and he would be able to drop us to the paari (Bengal Melli)


Of all the trips we have made from Siliguri, Chenyang decided this was the best one to buy some coconuts and take home! Yes, we did the police rounds and Melli bazar round and Bengal Melli with our suitcases and three coconuts! Thanks Chenu…..NOT!

After almost an hour on the Melli highway, we finally managed to get another vehicle with two young boys (again!). This time we spoke to them first and after a heavy background interrogation, we realised they weren’t tripping.

We reached home around 9 something pm and when I told my dad about the whole thing, his response was, “The determination and ways with which you girls move around and fall into situations and fall out of situations, I am pretty sure, someday you girls will even conquer Mount Everest and while doing that, you will have another set of adventure again!”

Crashed into bed and as i replayed the last few days and events, I knew…..this was going to go into the list of unforgettable events.